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A science fiction roleplaying game mapping application

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Welcome to StarBase.

Starbase is a desktop application for generating and editing maps of regions of space for science fiction roleplaying games. It uses a familiar hex-based mapping metaphor. StarBase is developed in the Python programming language, and is open source software released under the GPL version 2 license.


The StarBase documentation is available in pdf format. It covers basic work flows such as creating a custom campaign map, generating random worlds, assignign allegiances, creating links on the map, producing statistical reports, customising world descriptions and outputting world data as PDF forms. There are also sections on customising world generation using Python plugin scripts. The most recent new tool is a World Group Editor that enables simultaneous changes to be made to entire regions of worlds.

Introduction to StarBase v 0.24

Running StarBase on Windows

A pre-built Windows executable version is available from this link:

Starbase v 0.24 for Windows

Running StarBase from source

Every referee has different requirements to suit their personal campaign and rules prefferences. That's why StarBase is open source. You're welcome to fork StarBase and customise it for your own purposes. You will need a copy of the Python programming language and several third party modules for Python. These are:

Python 2.7
PySide-1.1 - Qt GUI framework bindings for Python
NetworkX – a network graph library

Optionally, if you wish to build the application as a Windows executable yourself, you will also need:


Authors and Contributors

Starbase was written and is copyrighted (2013) by @simon-hibbs.